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Salt Dating 102 - Profile Examples & Messaging Scripts


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Salt Dating 102 is the next level that contains a comprehensive 11-page presentation which outlines EXACTLY what I say to girls on sugar dating sites to get more phone numbers and dates than you'll be able to keep up with!


What You'll Get In Salt Dating 102

  • Screenshots of my proven-effective Sugar Dating profile demonstrating interesting photos and eye-popping taglines
  • Learn how to write high-value biographical information that INTRIGUES women on sugar dating sites and has them EXCITED to meet you
  • Screenshots of my carefully crafted messages with sugar babies and their EAGER responses 
  • COMPREHENSIVE list of word-for-word scripts that cover 95% of replies she will send to you.
  • Step-by-step guide to QUICKLY get the number and get multiple dates lined up for week! 
  • And much more! 


I have to keep these messages protected and behind a paywall so that they don't get played out and OVERRUN the sugar dating world!


Years ago, I allowed my opening message to be public information on my blog article, Salt Dating 101. It was so successful that literally HUNDREDS of men started using it and I had to take it offline because sugar babies complained they had heard it before.


That opener plus all my other proven effective messages will be yours in Salt Dating 102.


And be sure to check out the free Salt Dating 101 article on my blog if you have not already! 


Feel free to contact me with any questions at


**Be sure to understand what you're purchasing. This is an 11 page document showing EXACTLY what my profile looks like and what I say to girls.


I put a high price on this information because I do not want tens of thousands of people using it. If this product contines to sell as it has, I may have to take it down PERMANENTLY. 


Salt Dating is about meeting interesting women on sugar dating sites and then enjoying their company without breaking the law by paying them! Please enjoy responsibly.


Don't miss out on this uniquely modern opportunity to have the kind of sex life that was previously only available to kings and rockstars!

Check out Salt Dating 102 while you still can!