1 Hour Skype Consulting w Personalized PDF Document SKU: 150182

1 hour of my undivided attention to answer any question or give my take on your particular situation.


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Do you have a specific question or situation you want my take on? I'll contact you within 24 hours of purchase to set up a time.


Once we decide on a few topics of conversation, I'll put together 7-10 PDF slides that we will review together on the call. These slides will be full of very useful advice tailored specifically to your situation and my recommendation on what action you should take. 


I can help with:

  • Game advice
  • Relationship problems
  • Approach Anxiety
  • Online dating tips
  • Any personal issues
  • Expanding on anything I've written and applying it to your individual situation
  • And much more! 

Email me at contact@thecitybachelor.com with any questions.